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About Us

Get an Insight into the Legal Industry as Commercial Solicitors in the UK with US!

The Solicitors Register is committed to offering affordable and quality help to promote the legal businesses better through the state-of-the-art digital platform. When it comes to searching for solicitors in the UK, most consumers usually seek legal advice at some time in their lifetime but a vast majority of them would have a tough time finding you as they are to typically depend on the recommendations provided by individuals with limited experience on the matters of law, such as their friends, relatives, colleagues, and neighbours.

But with the rising popularity of finding law firms online, solicitors in the UK will also benefit by registering them on a reputed web directory, such as The Solicitors Register. It is a trusted and user-friendly online platform that helps both the solicitors and people in making informed decisions and receives professional consultation from some of the most acclaimed law firms in the country, through leveraging its cutting-edge technological infrastructure. We accomplish it by bringing the service seekers and also the service providers on a unified digital ecosystem while empowering them both with easy-to-use on-site tools for secure communication. The Solicitors Register is the only website that you need to visit to bring customers on your official account.

How we help will writing in the UK?

Even professionals need professional help and we are that legal platform that only caters to the law protectors. Our platform is especially designed to meet the needs of the solicitors.

We understand how commercial solicitors play a crucial role in businesses but still remain hidden under the cover. Does it outshine their duties anyway? No. Lawyers are always ready to offer the help that can resolve disputes. And we are here to offer you the help that you need to let others know about your presence and performance.


  • Improved online visibility through Google and all other major search engines
  • Quality web traffic ensures a significantly increased revenue
  • Get a place on us with other similar service providers and invest in a collaborative program
  • Effective representation of you online
  • ‘Consistency is key’ and your business information remains consistent online
  • You get placed on us as per your field and county

We are your voice and we speak the language of yours.

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  1. What makes the Solicitors Register one of the leading directory sites for commercial solicitors in the UK?

We only deal with 100% original and authentic listings to eradicate the issue of choosing a false service provider. We thoroughly review the business details that solicitors in the UK include on our listing site. We take care of each page link or URL to make sure both businesses and clients are safe.

  1. Why “the Solicitor Register”?
  • professional and experienced solicitors
  • Mobile friendly site
  • certified firms
  1. What information should I provide to list my firm?
  • Firm name
  • Contact details
  • Website Link
  • Email address
  • Address of the firm
  1. Who reads the information?

Clients who visit us regularly read the information. People in the UK trust business listing sites for information about law firms. People who are looking for professional commercial solicitors in the UK can reach the top-quality services listed with us with just a few clicks!

  1. What is the purpose of this online listing site?

The goal of this listing site is to offer better local visibility and improved business reach to the lawyers registered with us. Solicitors listed in our listing site get a plethora of clients to whom they can cater to.

  1. Why is it necessary to keep the listing updated?

When customers visit a company website through our listing, the updated information helps them to access only the necessary details. Giving a potential customer outdated business details is of no use since your business will miss out on a potential lead

  1. Why should the businesses’ information be updated regularly?

Keeping your firm information consistent helps in leads tracking. If someone searches for will writing in the UK and calls a number that is obsolete now, you lose a valuable lead and this is a curse for service providers.